Does your organization have something that you want to ship in a properly-packaged form so that people can get it easily and can stay up to date, but you don't have in-house expertise on doing that properly? If it's on Debian or any of its derivatives (including Ubuntu), then I can help you figure out the best way to do this:

  • If it's open-source and of general interest, I can help you get your code into Debian and assist with long-term maintenance.
  • If it's proprietary or if it only makes sense for people within your organization to use, I can get you set up with initial packaging that your team can maintain easily, and I can help you to manage an internal repository properly so that it fits into your other systems with a minimum of friction.

I can train your staff remotely in how to work with Debian packaging and with the Debian community.

I can do custom development; I prefer Python, but I have plenty of C experience and I'm flexible. I'm particularly good at understanding and modernizing neglected codebases so that they don't fall apart on you as you upgrade the rest of your systems, though I'm happy to discuss greenfield projects too.

I wrote quite a bit of the Debian installer and have a considerable amount of experience maintaining it, and I'm happy to help you customize it to meet your needs. It's cheapest in the long run if these can be the sorts of changes that can be contributed to the mainline Debian installer, but if need be I can also produce custom images for you.

I can port userspace code to different Linux architectures, always favouring clean approaches that make code more portable. If you have a codebase that works fine on x86-64 but now you need to get it running on something a bit more niche, get in touch and I can assess what's needed and help you out with the port.

Are you stuck running vital systems with some unusual packages that don't normally get security updates in Debian, or with package versions that are otherwise unsupported? Contact me and I may be able to help you out, either by providing updates via Debian if possible, or by giving you custom packages.

Some past projects